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 I will devote some time on a RuneScape skill and move into another

I will devote some time on a RuneScape skill and move into another

I also started playing around that same time. I have no 99s. I hope you get there 1 day, if that is your goal! If not, then just enjoy RuneScape how you've been. I would like to RS gold max, that is my thing, though others might just RuneScape ability freely.I have a tendency to have really bored focusing on only one RuneScape skill. I played with RuneScape back when 99 was an uncommon item and was viewed in awe. Each time I pick up RuneScape I would like to do the new quests and try some new items. I will devote some time on a RuneScape skill and move into another. I have a RuneScape abilities in the 80s along with my smithing is the closest to 90 thanks to the rework. I could get there one day.

I got my 99 a couple of months ago and it felt surreal. I have been playing RS since 2005 and getting 99 in anything was a childhood dream I just managed to achieve. The way people max out all RuneScape skills is beyond me.I never would have maxed when I didn't get hurt and have to quit work for some time. It just felt as though it was too far off to do. This is similar for many people. Not able to walk around much made it feasible, just having that time in your home. I was not going for it at first, but once I had all my combat 99s + herb + prayer, then having high degrees from quest requirements. It felt doable, 1 day.

Honestly I was all over the place with it at first. I did slayer for a bit to get some money, did some water fiends for scope for a while (not as great anymore). Then I eventually settled to the abyss for coaching. It's excellent exp and a low barrier to entry, just hard to find spots sometimes. It should not take you more than a week or two of playing to maximum out those if you put a good number of hours. Plus it's easy to just afk there, since there is not any real risk of dieing.

Then I moved Prayer > Herblore > Summoning > Finish all of quests > Slayer > End the rest at your own leisure. After doing all the tasks and finishing the quests, most RuneScape abilities will be near 99. So I would like to to those asap. Plus you get a group of exp out of quests. Some of them provide a couple hundred thousand exp a soda. Use that on bothersome RuneScape skills like runecrafting.

My 99 was upon returning to RuneScape following a seriously long hiatus. I do the quest that was reccomended to unlock Prif from everybody and had lost my quest cape. I unlocked the city and did a hint before DXP and got a shadow dye, immediately purchased 99 herb for cheap OSRS gold DXP. However, the amount makes my 99s feel kinda meaningless compared to lol.
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