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Series Preview: Blackhawks Forwards

 As we gear up for Game 1 of the Nashville Predators and Chicago Blackhawks, it time to dive into our yearly playoff preview series. This is where we go position by position, examining what the Preds will have to face in this series. Today we look at probably the most dangerous group of the Blackhawks: the forwards.The Kane/Panarin Factor The key to the Chicago offense is undoubtedly Patrick Kane. The reigning Hart and Art Ross trophy winner looked like he might go back-to-back, but now those trophies belong to Connor McDavid. Regardless, Kane is the beginning and ending of almost every Blackhawks attack.Kane 89 points is 2nd in the league to McDavid and tied with Sidney Crosby. His modest 34 goal total is still top 10 in the league. His 55 assists are matched only by McDavid and Nicklas Backstrom. He led all forwards in ice time per game and in total ice time. Let face it When you have a world-class, league MVP player on your team, everyone else job gets a little easier. Including last year Calder Trophy winner Artemi Panarin. Panarin has been Kane linemate for two seasons now and in that span has 151 points in 162 NHL games. That an insane point per game rate for a guy playing his first two years in the league. In last year playoff series against the Blues, Panarin had seven points in seven games. Formerly of the KHL, Panarin provides a level of speed and skill that I not sure Kane has ever had before. Panarin is extremely creative in the offensive end of the ice and has the ability to create scoring opportunities where there seem to be none Matt Irwin Jersey. His smaller size and speed are his most dangerous assets, along with his puck-handling ability. And he can shoot. Say what you will about who is benefiting who when it comes to Kane and Panarin, these two have been an elite scoring duo whenever theye been on the ice. And theye been on the ice a lotlmost 2,000 5v5 minutes over the last two seasons. Courtesy of Puckalytics Since theye been paired together, Kane and Panarin have combined for just over three goals per hour. When I ran these numbers, I knew they would be high... but three goals per hour? That insane. Most good teams sit comfortably in the 2.50-2.60 range. As you expect, their individual rates when not skating together are not nearly that high, but they aren likely to be split up anytime soon, so that doesn matter.
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