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Introduction Of Copper Acetate By Copper Acetate Manufacturers

Is copper acetate a hazardous chemical?  Next, follow the professional Copper Acetate Manufacturers - Wujiang weishida copper technology co., ltd. to learn more about this aspect.
Not really. The lab is so common that it is often used for experiments.

Copper acetate is a widely used flame retardant and plasticizer, which can be used to produce cellulose acetate film.  Copper acetate is a specific phosphate and a low volatility flame retardant.  Due to its high phosphorus content, it can make many polymers flame retardant.  It is used as plasticizer in the production of cellulose acetate film and in the application of poly-mgc ethylene. It is characterized by high phosphorus content and excellent flame retardant effect.  The product is nontoxic and easy to process. As a halogen-free flame retardant, triphenyl phosphate Copper Acetate is widely used in PC/ABS, PET and other polymers.  Synergistic anti-dripping agent FS or silicone flame retardant FCA-117 has better effect.  Application Field 1: Mainly Used as Flame Retardant Plasticizer for Engineering Plastics and Phenolic Resin Laminates;  2. Used as softener for synthetic rubber, raw material for producing trimethyl phosphate, etc.