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Features And Main Functions Of Bakelite

Bakelite is also called bakelite, and is usually called bakelite flour or bakelite flour. Plastic products made of bakelite flour or bakelite flour are called bakelite products or bakelite products. Traditionally, people often use bakelite, electrical, nylon, plastic, rubber, ceramics and other insulating materials as basic electrical appliances, collectively referred to as bakelite electrical appliances.

main character:

Bakelite appliances are essential electrical connectors between appliances and power supplies or between switches that open and close circuits.
Bakelite appliances are produced in large quantities and are widely used. Common bakelite products include: bakelite records, bakelite handwheels, handles, handles, and handles.


Bakelite is characterized by no water absorption, non-conductivity, high temperature resistance, and high strength. It is commonly used in appliances. Among them, phenolic resin is the first synthetic resin in the world.
The surface is hard, brittle and brittle. There are wooden board sounds when you hit, most of them are opaque dark (brown or black), and will not soften in hot water.
The mold temperature has a great effect on fluidity. Generally, when the temperature exceeds 160 degrees, the fluidity will decrease rapidly.
4, good moldability, but the shrinkage and directionality are usually greater than amino plastics, and contain water volatiles. It should be preheated before molding, vented during molding, and the mold temperature and molding pressure should be increased without preheating.

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