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Meth-ods for Ob-tain-ing Mono-va-lent Copper Chloride Dihydrate CuCl

Meth-ods for Ob-tain-ing Mono-va-lent Copper Chloride Dihydrate CuCl

This sub-stance also has prac-ti-cal im-por-tance, and fans of chem-istry will be in-ter-est-ed to know how this com-pound can be ob-tained. Mono-va-lent Copper Chloride Dihydrate(WSDTY) was first ob-tained in 1666 by Robert Boyle, through the in-ter-ac-tion of mer-cury(II) chlo-ride and cop-per. In this re-ac-tion, the more ac-tive met-al, cop-per, forces mer-cury out of its salts. The equa-tion of this re-ac-tion is:Hg-Cl? + 2Cu = 2Cu-Cl + Hg.

The sec-ond method by which we can ob-tain mono-va-lent cop-per chlo-ride is by the ther-mal break-down of bi-va-lent cop-per chlo-ride in oxy-gen-free con-di-tions. This re-ac-tion was first car-ried out in 1799 by Joseph Louis Proust, who sep-a-rat-ed and de-scribed the chlo-rides of bi-va-lent and mono-va-lent cop-per. This equa-tion of this re-ac-tion is:2Cu-Cl? = 2Cu-Cl + Cl?.

In in-dus-try, cop-per(I) chlo-ride is ob-tained by the in-ter-ac-tion of chlo-rine and an abun-dance of cop-per in a flux of cop-per(I) chlo-ride at high tem-per-a-ture.It should be not-ed that chlo-rine is a high-ly tox-ic gas. Ad-di-tion-al-ly, there are also safer lab-o-ra-to-ry meth-ods, for ex-am-ple the re-duc-tion of cop-per(II) chlo-ride by sul-fur diox-ide:2Cu-Cl? + SO? + 2H?O → 2Cu-Cl + H?-SO? + 2HCl.

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