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Maintenance Points Of Hex Slotted Bolt

1. When performing ANSI B18.2.1 secondary care at 12000km each time, the engine oil pan shall be assembled to check the usage of the engine bearing bush. If it is found that the clearance between individual bearing bushes is too large, the connecting rod bolts shall be replaced at the same time.  In normal operation, if the engine is found to be running unsteadily and has abnormal noise, it should also stop and check in time.

2. During each maintenance, the newly replaced connecting rod bolt shall be inspected. Attention shall be paid to whether there are cracks or dents in the head, guide parts and thread parts of the hexagonal slotted bolt, whether the tooth shape and pitch of the thread are abnormal, and whether there are abnormal situations shall be resolutely avoided.

3. When assembling the connecting rod cap, use a torque wrench to tighten it according to the specified specifications to prevent excessive and small torque.

4. Select the connecting rod Hex Slotted Bolt  produced by the matching factory.