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All while being free to perform Kamas Dofus Retro

All while being free to perform Kamas Dofus Retro . Time to find out how true that is. This can be our Krosmaga review.Looking at the CCG aspect of things, you can easily grasp what's going on in the event that you've spent some time playing any CCG. Using a pool of book AP, you have instead of mana to summon cards. It is possible to summon heroes and cast different spells depending on what God you play.That's right rather than a course, you play with a GOD. In this time Dofus has eight Gods each with their own theme to playing. You begin with Iop. But, it's simple enough to unlock the beginning card pack. SImply play with a training match with that God and win.

Looking back in the cards, you'll see stats like AT (assault ), HP (health issues ) and MP (motion points). HP and AT are the bread and butter for destroying things, but MP determines how quickly you journey down the street. With some cards using bonuses as well.There are impartial cards almost any God can use, and God particular cards. All ranging from ordinary to Infinite, with a maximum of 45 cards in a deck. You start with three cards into your hand and can discard as many as you desire, with the Dofus participant which goes getting an extra card.

As with any CCG, the RNG can be a Dofus game killer. Just like any CCG you want to build your own custom made deck, although the starter decks are ok. The deck builder is good for stats on your deck, like how many 2 AP cards you have, etc., it will not hold your hand with building a deck like any other CCG's do. There's of course an in Dofus game store. Ranging from 60 Kama for a bronze package up to 200 cheap Dofus Kamas to get a Gold pack each with 5 cards with at least one better or uncommon depending on the pack purchased. 100 Kama costing $1 USD.