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Principles of Different Mineral Screening Equipment

Principles of Different Mineral Screening Equipment

The function of the screening device is to pre-screen and inspect the sifting of the concentrator by means of a pulverizing operation, and to prepare for sieving before the sorting operation; in the smashing and screening device, the material is divided into various granulated products. In addition, it can be used for auxiliary operations such as dehydration, dehydration and dehydration. The Screening Equipment commonly used in mineral processing plants mainly includes: vibrating screen, fixed screen, drum screen, cylindrical sieve, curved sieve and fine sieve. The Golden Machinery takes you to know some of these different screening equipment.

High frequency shielding equipment

The high frequency vibrating screen is a vibrating screening device with high vibration frequency and high vibration intensity. High frequency vibrating screens typically have high frequencies and small amplitudes during operation, and the concentration of the material is high. High frequency vibrating screen is commonly used in the closed loop screening of 0.5 mm material in the concentrator. The ground product is discharged from the discharge port to the pumping tank, and then the slurry pump feeds the slurry into the high frequency sieve.

Linear shielding equipment

The linear vibrating screen has a ZKX type suitable for processing large, medium and fine-grained materials, and a ZKB type suitable for dehydration, de-intermediation, decontamination, dry and wet materials classification of fine-grained materials. The trajectory of the screen is straight and the screen surface is horizontally mounted. The movement of the material on the screen surface does not depend on the inclination of the screen surface, but on the direction angle of the vibration. The screen has compact structure, strong strength, reasonable vibration parameters, anti-fatigue, long service life, convenient maintenance, good reliability, stable vibration, low noise, and consistent track of each point on the screen surface, which is beneficial to the screening of materials.

Center screening equipment and seat center self-centering center screening equipment

When the self-centering vibrating screen is working, when the pulley is connected to the drive shaft, the center of the pulley shaft hole is deviated from the upper part of the eccentric block (the amplitude of the self-centering vibrating screen), instead of the geometric center of the pulley is concentric. . When the eccentric block is at the lower portion, the center line of the screen box and the drive shaft is on the vibration center line, and the distance is also the amplitude of the self-centering vibrating screen. The analogy shows that the center of the pulley coincides with the center of vibration of the vibrating screen, and the center of the pulley always coincides with the center line of vibration.

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