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Elevator Manufacturer: How to Deal with Elevator Falling

Elevator Manufacturer: How to Deal with Elevator Falling

The Elevator Manufacturer Fuji teaches you how to protect yourself when the elevator is falling

The best protection for the fall of the elevator

1. Quickly press the button on each layer.

2. If there is a handle in the elevator, fix the handle in a fixed position to prevent it from falling.

three. The entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the door, in a straight line, using the wall as a spine protection.

4. The knee is in a bent position and the knee is bent to withstand heavy pressure.

5. Lift your heel and place it in an awkward position.

6. Remember not to try to enter the top of the elevator or manually open the elevator door.

The elevator suddenly fall under normal circumstances is a fracture caused by the rope tow lift, so the third, four or five most important because the ligament is the only body with rich elastic tissue, so the knees bent and limp posture is necessary. boating. Understand the stress of heavy blows and increase the cushioning, which is greater than the pressure of the bones.

Another way: lie on the floor, use your head, lie flat on the elevator floor, protect your head with your hands, you can get life. The flat posture helps to spread the impact to all parts of the body. The purpose is to resist the elevator head falling ceiling debris.

People working on or near elevators—including those who install, repair, and maintain elevators—and those who work in or near the elevator shaft—have accounted for almost half of the death toll. Two main causes of death are falling between the elevator / lift of moving parts. In the elevator or platform, there are many elevators or elevator, the elevator or the elevator to balance heavy blow or electrical shock.