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New games and new OSRS Gold initiatives


New games and new OSRS Gold initiatives have yet to manifest into anything concrete.There was quite a great deal of self-reflection, if we are honest. Thinking about what Jagex is really good at.Making RuneScape a priority for Jagex might seem obvious, however, the firm has made the mistake of not looking after it before. Throughout the era of

the ill-fated Transformers title, RuneScape began to wane. It had become neglected. Over the past four years who has changed - such as the initiation of the nostalgia-tinged Old School RuneScape - and the outcomes have been plain to see.A few weeks ago we had our highest peak concurrent user level for eight decades, Mansell reveals.

Those games are moving through a real renaissance, and not only as a one off. We have had four years of constant growth now.RuneScape does not get as much media as some of the other large online names. Mansell posits that its lack of Steam does not help. He says that the match would be sitting around fifth or sixth on the Steam

most played games list, and he expects to keep up the game's growth with the introduction of a mobile version.Both RuneScape and Old School are closed beta on cellular. We'll get at least one of them out this past year. Old School is likely to come first, because it's a far more straightforward UX experience. And the technology is

essentially easier. They're testing really wellWhen this happens on mobile I'm coming back' And the reason is... they're not PC gamers anymore. They have not got so long plus their lifestyles have changed.What we're hoping is that many of those players can return in-touch with buy OSRS gold RuneScape. They can play it a bit more like a game. You

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