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What is the life stage of the article sharing life perception?

What is the life stage of the article sharing life perception?

Sometimes I think it is an experience, a longer hurdle; sometimes it feels like a point, a choice, and a small hurdle. When you cross the past, you will grow up, and when you reach a new stage, people will also grow up. Now I understand that this is all my own imagination, I am still the same me, and I can hardly see any changes in a short time. What makes me take action is the anticipation of the future, the small thoughts that I can't touch but exist in my heart, and the hardships and embarrassments I have to face.

Whether the road is to the left or right, happy or sad, you have to face every moment that is about to happen and slowly learn to be strong. Each stage is an experience that must go through in life, and we slowly learn to settle and live. At each stage, find a suitable position for you, and the most important thing is to dress up the role you want to play.

Just as vulgar words can’t be used to describe the realm of life: the first is to look at mountains as mountains and water as water; the second is to look at mountains and not mountains, and water is not water; the highest level is to see mountains as mountains. , See the water is water.

When your heart is in a mess, calm yourself down first, then you will clear your thoughts, and you can figure out many things naturally. I have tried hard to pursue the person I like, and then I understand that what should be met will always be met, and what should be left is no longer forced. Work hard to do one thing, and then you can "do everything you want to do to your destiny." Let go of yourself and love someone wholeheartedly, and you've got hurt. Only then can you learn to love yourself before you have the ability to love someone you love.

Time can settle a heart and make people peaceful, warm and clean. Give us more courage to "break away".