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New Hydrometallurgy Equipment Increases Efficiency

New Hydrometallurgy Equipment Increases Efficiency

Our new Hydrometallurgy Equipment consists of novel titanium reactors for leaching and precipitation including cementation stage, and continuous solvent extraction mixer-settler equipment. In addition, we have bioreactors of different sizes.

The experimental work is supported by in-house thermochemical modelling tools and customized flowsheet models for the client.

The main customer focus sectors are the mining and metals processing industry, and recycling companies.

Low concentration or complex matrices present a business opportunity for valuables recovery, but they may also require a different and often unconventional approach. We provide our clients with out-of-the box thinking and hands-on expertise for tailored solutions.

This is a method of metal or metal compound extraction from an ore through pre-treatments that involve the use of a leaching agent, separation of impurities and precipitation. It is used in the extraction of uranium, gold, zinc, silver and copper from low-grade ores. This process has been improved by the development of processes like solvent extraction and ion exchange.

Hydrometallurgy involves the combination of extractive metallurgy, sciences, technology and chemistry for the recovery of metals from a wide variety of metal-bearing sources. These sources include ores, solutions, recycled materials, waste streams, intermediates and mineral concentrates that are converted into useful products for the society.
Hydrometallurgy, which involves the use of aqueous solutions for the recovery of metals from ores, concentrates, and recycled or residual material, plays an integral role in the multi-billion dollar minerals processing industry. There are numerous hydrometallurgical process technologies used for recovering metals, such as: agglomeration; leaching; solvent extraction/ion exchange; metal recovery; and remediation of tailings/waste.

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