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Demands for Enameled Wire Continue to Grow

After joining the WTO, with the rapid development of industrial electrical appliances, household appliances, telecommunications, electronic products, etc., Xinyu Enameled Wire has brought a broader Application areas and markets. China has become the world's enamelled wire manufacturing center and processing base. It is the world's largest enamelled wire production and sales country, and its output accounts for about 30% of the world's total production. The production volume of enameled wire in China has increased at a rate of more than 10% per year over the past 20 years.

Enameled wire (including imports) of the country in 2004-2006 was approximately 290,000 tons, 310,000 tons and 340,000 tons, respectively, with an average annual growth rate exceeding 8%. Among them, the growth in the field of relay cords is particularly prominent, with an average annual growth rate of sales of 20%. With the development of electronic components in the direction of “lightness and thinness”, consumers are becoming more and more interested in thin and light electronic products. The market demand for fine electromagnetic enameled wire has grown year by year. In 2010, the total sales volume of micro electromagnetic enameled wire in the major markets reached 460,000 tons, with an average annual increase of 9%.

In 2012, the total sales volume of micro electromagnetic enameled wire in the major markets reached 544,000 tons. Due to the widespread use of electronic components such as relays, micro motors, electronic transformers, and solenoid valves in automobiles, home appliances, mobile phones, computers, and office supplies, the demand for fine enameled wire as an important raw material for these electronic components has steadily increased. After long-term development, China has become the largest producer and user of electronic components such as relays, micromotors and electronic transformers. However, because of the gap between technology, technology and equipment, and the international gap, the production capacity of microenamelled wire in the country is far from Meet the needs. Only about 30% of China's micro enameled wire is used by domestic manufacturers, and the remaining 70% rely on imports.

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China's future demand for local micro electromagnetic enameled wire part of the increase. From the natural growth of market demand, the other part comes from import substitution, especially in the import substitution field has great development potential. According to the investigation and analysis of the winding wire special committee of the China Electric Appliance Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch, it became a veritable enameled wire producing country and power.

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