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4 Safety Advice (from Escalator Manufacturer Fuji)

4 Safety Advice (from Escalator Manufacturer Fuji)

Elevators have brought a lot of convenience to the people living in the city. However, if elevators are broken, trapped persons need to master the following self-rescue methods to ensure safety and obtain rescue.Here are four safety tips from Escalator Company Fuji.

First, keep calm, and comfort the people together, explain to everyone that there will be no danger, the elevator will not fall off the elevator. The elevator trough is equipped with anti-fall safety device, which will firmly clamp the rails on both sides of the elevator, and the safety device will not malfunction.

Second, the use of alarm bells or walkie-talkies, mobile phones for help, such as no alarm or walkie-talkie, the phone has failed, you can clap the door, if you are afraid of pain, you can take off your shoes to beat, and immediately sought someone to rescue.

Third, if you can not find the Elevator Manufacturer immediately, please call someone outside to call a firefighter. Fire fighters usually twist or lift the elevator to the nearest floor and open the door. Even if there is a power outage, firefighters can also use the hand actuator to twist the elevator up and down.

Fourth, if there are no trained rescue workers outside, do not climb out of the elevator. Do not try to forcefully open the inner door of the elevator. Even if it can be opened, it may not be enough to obtain the outer door. Of course, it is not enough to open the outer door to get out safely. Grease on the outside of the elevator can also cause people to slip.

And do not climb out if there is an emergency exit from the elevator ceiling. Once the exit plate is opened, the safety switch holds the elevator. However, if the exit panel accidentally closes, the elevator may suddenly start to move out of balance. In the dark elevator shaft, it may be tripped over by the elevator's cable, or slipped off due to stepping on the grease and fall off the top of the elevator. Elevators trapped in commercial buildings in the middle of the night or on weekends may have no one approaching the elevator for hours or even days. In this case, the safest approach is to stay calm and wait for opportunities. It is better to endure hunger and thirst, suffocating heat, keep your life, pay attention to the movements outside, and if pedestrians pass by, try to attract his attention. If this is not possible, wait until after work to call for help.

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