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This Is What I Invision For The RS"Dream Home"

This defeats the point of what was a lawless place by adding constraints for this, the question is will people get a fresh redesigned wilderness that the classic one or the present one we see from BH worlds. This OSRS gold brings up another problem, current activities in the jungle which were not there before. Can they stay or go, and what effect will this have.

Now the Summer quest line and Defender of Varrock both have sizeable chunks from the wilderness, even if we assume the quests are going to stay I believe the best alternative would be instancing that the entire quest. What do I mean by this? The moment you meet the quest start point or enter he wilderness as part of he defender of varrack narrative you're by yourself, no player interaction. Even though this would slightly change the pursuit it would not effect it too much.

I believe Green Dragons, armoured Zombies,'' Chaos Ele and so on should all stay the same, the best training place in the game should be somewhat dangerous! However the Corporeal beast is an intriguing point, while I am sure it would be interesting to barrage runners going into the cave its own boss mechanic is unique in RS in that you will be banking lots of times due to the high risk character. In case the entry was moved closer the edge of this wildy it might prove more appealing as it is currently just past level 20, the tele cut off point.

Summoning also presents a challenge, I'd far prefer unique basic game restrictions, so while lending would be readily solved by not permitting lent firearms in the wilderness, summoning combat level will need to modify. It'd be ncie to have the ability to drop everything at any moment, exactly like the rest of Old school runescape gold and limiting pouches this way feels unnatural in pvp worlds, let alone what the wilderness ought to be. I Don't Have Any solution to this, perhaps the best one is to easy leave it as"pouch in invent, combat goes up"