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DO’s and Don’ts of Your Fujid Elevator

All elevator that from the professional Elevator Manufacturer (the site is provides a sticker plate that mention the Do’s and Don’ts for the elevator. I will try to cover more specific points here that will help to improve operation performance, check safety aspects of elevator and increase the life of elevators.


Never allow kids to play in the lobby area adjacent to elevators doors, There are serious accidents which have been recorded in the past from kids playing around the lift area

While cleaning or washing the lobby never push extra water into the lift shaft. There are safety circuits installed along the shaft wall from inside. Water entry can cause break down and even resulting in short circuit, which can make elevator run in unsafe conditions

Be very careful at time of fire drill or testing of fire water system in the building. Rush of water into shaft and on car top can cause heavy damage to sensitive components of elevators

Never try to force open the landing door, or insert any object while closing of landing door to force it open. As long as doors retract with functioning of light curtain, it is safe.

If your elevators (that from Elevator Manufacturers - in the lobby are not in group, do not press all lobby buttons as that will make all elevators to respond resulting delay in other calls and increase in electricity bill of the building. Try to operate multiple elevators in group control


If your elevator is full collective, having up and down buttons on all floors, please educate residents, for proper use. Pressing multiple buttons cause delayed response and more electricity consumption

In case somebody is trapped inside elevators, look for professional help. Unsafe rescue is far more dangerous that people remaining trapped inside. There is enough supply of air from natural ventilation. Fear is more psychological.

If passengers inside elevators need to be rescued, ensure some member of the society or from building maintenance / security are trained by the elevator maintenance agency.

Ask proper documented dos and don’ts for passenger rescue from your Elevator Maintenance Company.

(There are more accidents and mishaps which has happened during unsafe rescue operation carried out by society residents/staff. People inside elevator are perfectly safe till professional help arrives.)

Keep monitoring abnormal noise while traveling or noise of leveling of elevator on the floor

Once in a while check the operation of fire man switch as this function is very critical in case of fire in the building It takes less than 10 minute to check this operation

After every service from your maintenance agency, insist on a report detailing which part of elevator is serviced and which components were replaced. Also ask your maintenance agency to submit a report on routine check up which shall include:

Operation of all emergency response systems like intercom, emergency light, emergency bell, automatic rescue device.

Every year insist on annual health report which shall mention condition of ropes, sheave, machine, safety action, governor operation, over travel limit setting, condition of traveling cable, and all safety circuits. This will ensure thorough check is done once in a year.

Once in few months visit the machine room, that will help you to get a snapshot of the maintenance standard.

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