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Product Introduction Of Copper Acetate Manufacturers

I believe that everyone can understand through the previous articles that Copper Acetate is quite useful in our daily life and industrial life. Then, as it can be seen everywhere in our lives, a problem has surfaced, that is, Is Copper Acetate poisonous? What impact does it have on our lives? Let's take a look at it together. Whether Copper Acetate is poisonous or not, Copper Acetate Manufacturers will solve this mystery for you!
   Copper Acetate, chemical formula CoO. Copper Acetate is a stable oxide of cobalt, which exhibits grayish green, brown, pink, and dark gray due to different preparation methods and purity. The relative density is 6.45. Soluble in acid, insoluble in water, alcohol and ammonia. Easily reduced by carbon monoxide to metallic cobalt. At high temperatures, it easily reacts with silica, alumina or zinc oxide to produce a variety of pigments. It is also an important transition metal oxide, usually used as a catalyst and fuel, and has a wide range of applications. It is mostly used in paint pigments, ceramic glazes and cobalt catalysts. Although Copper Acetate has many uses, we have to look at it with a dialectical perspective. thing.
   Is Copper Acetate poisonous? The answer is yes. After all of us are exposed, it is easy to cause pharyngeal mucosal irritation, followed by gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting and abdominal cramps, elevated body temperature, weakness of limbs, etc., non-occupational exposure can cause polycythemia, cardiomyopathy and thyroid Swelling can cause dermatitis.
Do you know more about Copper Acetate, but don’t worry, because in our daily lives, we rarely have direct contact with Copper Acetate, so are you curious? This is useful and dangerous at the same time. What does the substance of the world look like? Contact Weishida Copper to learn more about this.