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While the official release of wow classic gold

While the official release of wow classic gold: Shadowlands is not scheduled until later this season, WOW players at the beta and alpha of WOW Classic have been exploring the parts of the expansion they have accessibility to thoroughly. Already details for new WOW class updates are found by dataminers, and it is far from the only advice discovered by WOW players.

Exploration opportunities for WOW gamers in Shadowlands have been somewhat limited, especially in the alpha version of the expansion, which restricts them to Revendreth, one of five brand new realms. This has not been enough to deter some WOW players, and Twitch streamer Asmongold was one of them since he took a team to the populous state of wow classic gold's new expansion.

Asmongold and his league of explorers traversed to a specific bridge in Revendreth and, from there, made their way into the void between the Shadowlands' lands. From that point, they can research some details of those other realms which haven't yet been made accessible to the general public at large, in addition to glitchy areas not supposed to be accessed by WOW players. Using Asmongold surmising a Game Master was killing them, then members of this party began dropping dead one by one.

Asmongold was quite upset when his exploration party was killed, claiming that the devs were"cowards" for classic wow gold sellers not facing his party straight and showing themselves. Blizzard has more to gain from keeping parts of Shadowlands secret at this point, as other information such as new races was leaked. If any gets revealed, there will be few surprises left to draw WOW players in.