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Megaomgchen Jul 21

While it's probably going to be improved with TBC and other areas, the old-fashioned leveling system and WOW TBC Classic Gold open world PvP were a nightmare for Alliance on the PVP server. With the queues of horde and horde, there is no reason to encourage meta players (majority of players, but not all) to join Alliance.

It's an act of disrespect towards my time spent after I've spent hundreds of hours playing the alliance characters on a server. This will lead to horde dominance on all pvp realms. Open world will be unplayable to alliance players. This is evident from the classicwow subreddits' reaction. Wow is a futile cause, and the player base is total garbage.

Don't make the mistake of doing it. You may think that you will continue to play your character Classic however, you will not. This is especially applicable if you've gone through Naxxramas. If you want to continue playing Vanilla, just start over with a different character, it's going to be significantly more enjoyable and rewarding

What is troubling is those who are looking to complete max, but don't need to do it due to changes to buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold the tbc system or stay the old school and find new guilds and start playing nax raids from scratch by creating completely new raids. They will need to purchase a service that will duplicate them in order to start tbc. Because the original wow community is no longer in existence, the cloning service should be completely free.