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Bestmengqin Jul 21
Okay. Okay. The most popular gods that could be substituted for OSRS Accounts the gods are Zamorak: Satan. Saradomin: God Armadyl Asherah bandos : Baal Guthix :escarte Zaros : Dagon

The gods of all religions can be altered. A new rule would allow the person to be reported for disrespecting religion/this would mean that you would be punished when you make fun of another's religion, no matter if it's atheists and Buddhists. The punishment could be a suspension.

You can change the symbol by clicking it somewhere on the homepage. Some users think that this is ridiculous. It's because my character "praises" Saradomin each time I log in. This is something I would like to alter to make it more compatible with the religion of the majority of people. I conducted some research and discovered that only 3/10 of the runescape players are Christians.

Also, as you would imagine all armor and such would be the same, just different names. I've thought about this for a while and think it is more beneficial to have only Christian worlds. This means that you don't have to switch to runescape to join your friends. We appreciate your thoughtful comments. (in advance

What I meant was a new mini-game that was a mix of pest control, FoG, Clan Wars, Castle Wars, and Duel Arena all in one. Imagine this: you can challenge others to fight like you do in buy OSRS Fire Cape Duel Arena or challenge in clan wars.