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freeamfva Jun 15
Commonly seen in the forex market, a romance scam notorious for its devastating effects consists of seven steps that are disclosed herein to help you raise your vigilance.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  1. Exaggerate profits
  After orchestrating the so-called friendship, swindlers brainwash victims into thinking that investment makes the rich out of them.
  2. Guarantee profits
  After fishing for the trust of victims, swindlers pretend to have invested on a certain forex platform for a long time and fabricate trading data to testify that “profits are guaranteed”.
  3. Cultivate gambling addiction
  After victims embark on their investment, swindlers manipulate results backstage to spoil them with the illusion of gaining profits in a breeze, which is followed by goading them into making deposits continuously. Stuff typically used in these well-designed talks include “think about your future” and “just roll the dice”.
  4. More profits flock to VIPs
  This is a key step in the whole scam. Swindlers hoodwink victims into maximizing their top-up on the heels of gambling addiction taking shape.
  5. Turn the tables on loan
  This is the cruelest stage where victims have been reduced to poverty in this scam by now and could do nothing but take out a loan to pay their debts or continuously bet on their investment.
  6. Brainwash with fortune cookie comments
  Facing suspicion, swindlers convince victims that the above-mentioned step is a new profitable approach and hype up paths to success.
  7. Disappear without notifications
  Swindlers entice victims into deleting their chatting records before their sudden disappearance when they believe that harmed ones have become too poor to be taken advantage of.
  As a reminder, please be careful when you make friends online and conduct the investment! Please go to WikiFX and expose illegal platforms once you encounter, in order to make swindlers nowhere to hide! (bit.ly/wikifxIN)