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Carrie  Ge
Carrie Ge Feb 22

The color ranges from purple-brown to rose-brown. There are ferroalloy inclusions in the block and light yellow in the silver section.  silicon carbide manufacturers usa The edge structure of the white corundum crystal block is dense, most of which are small crystals, and some areas are medium, occasionally there are coarse crystals, the structure is not uniform, the section is rough, dull, occasionally greased, and the color ranges from dark brown to blue-black .


The bottom of the white corundum crystal block is dense as a whole, and the structure is distributed from small crystals to coarse crystals, mostly coarse crystals, with a large number of ferroalloy inclusions of different sizes.


The crystal block of white corundum is very complex, divided into 5 parts. The structure, color and particle size of each part are different.abrasives china manufacturers  The study of the crystal block structure of white corundum will help people understand the wear resistance of white corundum abrasive. Self-sharpening, toughness and other properties, so as to lay the foundation for the research and development of new types of white corundum abrasive tools.