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Carrie  Ge
Carrie Ge Feb 22

1. In the corner of the room, it is a place where harmful gases tend to gather. Placing activated carbon in the corner of the room can make good use of the adsorption capacity of activated carbon to purify the harmful gases and microorganisms in the corner. harm.


So you can put a few packs of activated carbon in the corner of your home room, not only can ensure a strong purification ability, but also let the family exude a refreshing taste.


2. Even if the cabinets in our home are decorated with environmentally friendly materials, they cannot eliminate the harmful substances contained in the materials used in the cabinets, such as formaldehyde. coconut shell activated carbon price per ton In this way, we can put some activated carbon in the cabinet, especially between the two cabinets. If the activated carbon is placed between the two cabinets, the adsorption effect will be more obvious, and the air can be fresh.


Speaking of this, everyone has the answer to the question of whether activated carbon can be put in the room to sleep. If you want to renovate the new house to live in earlier, it is recommended that you can put activated carbon in the room, add some green vegetation, and maintain ventilation, which can help the activated carbon absorb toxic and harmful gases faster.


Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity. Placing activated carbon at home can ensure a good living environment. yongruida carbon pellets Therefore, when the activated carbon is placed in the living room, it is safe to live, and it can make the living comfort and health stronger.