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Carrie  Ge
Carrie Ge Feb 22

According to the difference in the preparation process, honeycomb activated carbon can be divided into two types of structures: monolithic honeycomb structure and coated honeycomb structure.


The monolithic honeycomb structure adds carbon or carbon precursor during the formation of the honeycomb structure. Although the carbon content per unit volume of the honeycomb structure is high, its mechanical properties are poor.activated charcoal nz wholesale Once the structure is damaged, the cost of rebuilding the reactor is expensive. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the mechanical strength of the integral honeycomb structure.


The coated honeycomb structure is composed of a honeycomb structure and a carbon layer coated on a carrier. This structure makes the carbon content per unit volume of the honeycomb structure lower than that of the overall structure, but has strong mechanical properties. For the coated honeycomb structure, the main disadvantage is that the coating falls off in pieces, because it will reduce the activated carbon material and be harmful to the upstream device; therefore, whether the coating can be firmly adhered to the block The structure is the key to prevent the coating from falling off.


The usual honeycomb activated carbon mainly has three shapes of cylindrical, elliptical cylindrical and rectangular parallelepiped. They contain square, round, hexagonal or triangular channels, and have a large specific surface area and rich microporous structure. The honeycomb structure has Parallel through channels, the size and surface characteristics of the through channels make their momentum, mass, and heat transfer characteristics completely consistent in each channel, which avoids the random accumulation of particle catalysts in the fixed bed and causes fluid unevenness and production The possibility of hot spots.


The honeycomb activated carbon structure mainly has three geometric characteristic parameters: the shape of the channel or cell, the size of the channel and the wall thickness. activated carbon price Other characteristic parameters such as cell density (number of cells per unit surface area), geometric surface area and porosity can be calculated from the first three parameters. The typical channel size is 0.8-2mm and the wall thickness is 70-250μm.