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wisepowder Jan 28

It's a good time to be a World of Warcraft player. The latest expansion, Shadowlands, launched in November 2020 and opened up an entirely uncharted corner of Warcraft cosmology. Taking players to Warcraft's afterlife, Shadowlands introduced a swath of exciting new features like a roguelike dungeon that changes each time you venture into it and four extremely cool factions you can join that each offer unique rewards, abilities, and special activities. Shadowlands is a massive update, but MMOs are always evolving and changing. Over the next few years, Blizzard will likely add entirely new zones, extra story quests, and might even overhaul entire systems according to feedback. If you're not an active player, it can be hard to figure out whether or not right now is a good time to return.To get more news about wow classic gold eu, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

As you might already suspect, my answer to that question is that it definitely is a good time to get back into WoW. I'll explain why in the next section, but there's also a lot to be excited about in the future. Later this spring, a major update will add even more stuff to do in Shadowlands, and that's still just the beginning. As game director Ion Hazzikostas explains below, Blizzard has some big plans for the story of this expansion and is already working on addressing some big points of player feedback.
Shadowlands feels like a high point for World of Warcraft, which is saying something considering this game is almost 18 years old. The previous expansion, Battle for Azeroth, frustrated a lot of players with its endless endgame grind, repetitive activities like Island Expeditions, and muddled story. It feels like Blizzard listened to a lot of that feedback, and the result is that Shadowlands is the best World of Warcraft has been in years.

Though I really wasn't a fan of the leveling experience when I reviewed Shadowlands, those 10 levels I had to acquire are a tiny fraction of the total time I've spent in WoW. I really like how robust and meaty the endgame feels. There's so much to do it can feel overwhelming, but Shadowlands does a good job at establishing a clear hierarchy so I can prioritize and focus on things that actually matter to me rather than getting bogged down in a lot of endless chores. New features like The Great Vault do a fantastic job of rewarding players regardless of how they choose to spend their time, and I'm really enjoying the new dungeons and raids. Each feels distinct and a few have boss fights that feel unlike anything else I've seen in WoW. And Torghast, its massive roguelike dungeon, feels like a mad science experiment where you quickly acquire a slew of broken powers that turns your character into a killing machine. It just sucks that it's really easy to make a mistake and waste an entire hour with nothing to show for it.

If there's been one big issue with Shadowlands, it's Torghast. Despite being a lot of fun, its difficulty varies wildly depending on your class. More than once I've made it to the final boss of a floor and died, which means I have to start over from the beginning (like a true roguelike) and don't get any rewards. In the context of an MMO, though, wasting an hour like that is infuriating. Blizzard has been hotfixing it regularly, and I'm willing to cut it some slack since Torghast is such an ambitious experiment, but it still needs work.