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Carrie  Ge
Carrie Ge Jan 13

Although nutshell activated carbon can have many varieties in terms of appearance and use, the nutshell activated carbon has a common characteristic, that is, "adsorption". The reason why husk activated carbon produces adsorption is because it has a developed pore structure.

In the production process, the way to improve the adsorption performance of the nutshell activated carbon is to control the production process to increase the pore structure of the nutshell activated carbon as much as possible per unit volume.


Therefore, the higher the adsorbability of the nutshell activated carbon is because it contains a large number of pores, which makes its own density become smaller and smaller, which is why the better the adsorbent, the lighter the handle of the nutshell activated carbon.


The life cycle of nut shell activated carbon is generally 1-2 years, and its life cycle is affected by its own iodine value, water pH, water flow, and impurity content in the water. Nutshell activated carbon is a renewable carbon, that is to say: after a period of use, if the adsorption capacity of the nutshell activated carbon decreases, it can be reused through