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wisepowder Jan 13

Method of cooking eggs

1> It is better to use 2~3 days(in summer)/3~4 days(in winter) fresh quail eggs.To get more news about Egg cleaning machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

2> Boil the water, pour the quail eggs into the boiled water, keep big fire and stir for about 3~5 mins (keep in mind this is the most important step), after then turn into small fire for about 5 mins.

3> Take out the quail eggs and dip them into cold water immediately.

4> Put the quail eggs into seal container and crack the shell by shaking them.

5> Dip the shell-cracked eggs into cold water for 5~10 mins, keep the quail eggs dipped in water, so it will take some water when you put eggs on machine,

it is good for peeling effort. 6> Fix the peeling machine, Place the quail eggs on the peeling machine, turn the handle clockwise and press the egg slightly, release your hand after the machine bites the shell.

The Difference between Machine Shelling and Hand Shelling

1> Hand peeling: hot and cold water, quail eggs can be boiled;

Machine peeling: water must be boiled eggs can be boiled down the pot

2> Hand peeling: no stirring after laying eggs;

Machine peeling: quail eggs must be stirred immediately when laying eggs

3> Hand peeling: Remove cooked eggs, shell cracking can be peeled, no need to cool crushed shell

Machine peeling: When the eggs are completely cooled, they can be peeled by shaking them in the container (with obvious shells falling off).

4> Hand peeling: boiled quail eggs, eggshells not in the middle can also be peeled.

Machine peeling: Egg yolk needs to be in the middle, otherwise quail eggs are easily damaged.