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Megaomgchen Dec 2 '20

Yeah, but they could have just as Madden 21 coins easily said"due to growing tensions" or even postponed without saying anything. Consumers watch EA for some of the dumb shit they do with games they develop and publish, but they do not see what they do for causes such as equality and office diversity (they have actually been awarded in numerous years). They are actually super progressive internally and should be praised for that. It is simple to be skeptical about this sort of thing, but they may just have easily prevented making a statement. Yo, thanks for sharing this information. No matter how folks feel about their games we ought to commend them for their innovative actions. I'm surprised that I'm just NOW hearing relating to this. I really want the gambling community would step up and start caring a lot more about things like this.

Just as it has the EA name attached to it. Same could happen if it was Epic or Activision. In case CDPR, Valve or any other cherished company did the same, comments would be completely different. Edit: Sony did the exact same and the general reception on those comments are largely positive. Stay refreshing, Reddit. I really don't think so. If their main customer base is African American is does not make sense to market to them right now. As they will not be spending right now, as games is not on there heads right now. Not about honor imo. More or less they're not going into the stores immediately to make purchases. A wonderful gesture, but aren't these the very same men and women who dared Colin Kaepernick's title from a song in one of the previous Madden games?

I'll preface this by saying I don't think it's a terrible thing for them to bring awareness to this situation. It's significant that it can not only be dismissed by looking away from it. With that said, I really do possess a certain amount of distrust towards multi-billion dollar multinational corporations paying lip service to important social issues. They are in the best possible position to do more than just put out a press release or public announcement. Obviously, as a philosophical business they're under no duty to do so, and it rings hollow when they try to stand in solidarity with the common men and women. Currently there are companies out there that do things and this is the time to emphasize those efforts; to show that they're more than simply words.

That said police brutality is not just something that a company like EA throwing money at the issue does considerably towards fixing. At best they put money towards the attorneys and groups that struggle to see justice after the truth or lobby to have laws changed that in the current government won't. It has systemic issues within police of not reporting their particular and holding them liable rather staying quiet and cheap Mut 21 coins with the police unions which allow it all to happen or in a sense even promote it from the repercussions being a slap on the wrist followed by being hired in a different precinct showing them there's no consequences. Before even getting to laws and rulings like qualified immunity which shield abusive cops and allow them to abuse their power freely. The vast majority of which EA and many capitalist companies aren't able to do so much about making it unfair to state they are in the best possible place to do more.