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After reading the book "Sima Yi Eats Three Kingdoms 3", I felt a lot of emotions. I thought of an old saying: Look at the "Three Kingdoms" and tears, worrying about the ancients. However, the Three Kingdoms were really eaten by Sima Yi, his forbearance, his silence is the performance of keeping a low profile. The lively Three Kingdoms ultimately belong to Sima Yi, which can be said to be inevitable. Because he can interpret this king's way to the fullest. Although he was not as treacherous as Cao Cao, he was inferior to Zhige Liang, fighting for force, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, and Lu Bu could kill him, but these did not affect him as the one who laughed to the end. He really did it, "the big sounds, the elephants are invisible." In fact, at the beginning, my impression of Sima Yi was only at the stage of the empty city plan. In his impression, he was an old fox with too many thoughts. Although he did not like Liu Huangshu, who sold the straw shoes, but he admired Zhuge Liang, who was resourceful and conscientious, he also deeply regretted him. He always remembered Du Fu��s "The Prime Minister." If Luo Guanzhong has the idea of ??Liu Anticao, then I have the idea of ??Zhugege and Sima. People often sigh that Confucius knows what they can't do. In fact, why is Zhuge Liang not? I ask, how can Liu Bei, He De, be able to take the responsibility of unifying the world? The situation of the three countries has the best result for them. Maybe Cao Cao will not be reconciled. What about it? Cao��s operation is a generation of heroes. He still has something wrong with him. He can��t eat anyone from the Three Kingdoms. He has a good appetite. Sima Yi lurks Cao Cao for decades, let Cao Cao send him, he is weak. , stupid, sick, pretending, even dead to paralyze the enemy, opponents, bosses, brothers, friends and even family... Sima Yi is coming here, not only his personal strategy, but also his entire family effort, Sima The emblem is his spiritual teacher. Sima Lang is a great helper, and Sima Fu has sacrificed his friendship with Cao Zhi, and the efforts of Sima Zhi and others. I have to say that there is also a good wife Zhang Chunhua, the confidant and sister Fang Ying's dedication. Sima Yi, every friend who made friends is very helpful to him. His relatives are particularly eager to fight, not only not to be dragged down, but also to do their best for them. Sima Yi never does useless work, and everyone around him is useful. It can be said that Sima Yi is also very lucky. Everyday and the right people have their own, and what is not going to happen. If you let me rank the CEOs of the three countries, then Cao Cao first, Sun Quan second, as for Liu Bei, can only be the third. Cao Cao is indeed very powerful, but it is still a grade with Sima Yi. Cao Cao is often criticized for his treacherousness. In fact, treacherousness is not unreasonable. However, treacherousness is far from the king's way, so he can only be a king in the chaos of the world rather than in the troubled times. It is precisely because of his quick success that he has failed in the battle of Chibi, eager to seek success as a king of the atmosphere. The so-called gentle township heroes, Cao Cao also failed to avoid customs. Cao Cao is still unable to control the overall situation, and the rule of the family is not very good. His wife has more sons. This kind of people really needs to manage their efforts. Unfortunately, Cao Cao has no time to take care of it. Who should he give to his position in the world? Although Cao Yu is not enough, he can only be him. Cao Zhi is destined to be the star of the literary hall, he is not suitable for political fight. This is also the sorrow of Cao Cao. Originally his great cause has not been achieved Marlboro Lights. Later Newport Cigarettes Coupons, people are not reliable Online Cigarettes. It can be said that there are no successors!
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