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ylq May 29 '19
After the Spring Festival, my mother and I came to the country to visit relatives. I heard that they want to go to the fields to pick vegetables. I also volunteered to ask for participation. The dishes I saw before were not placed in the market or in the supermarket. I never tried to pick vegetables in the fields and got permission. I was so excited and leaping, my face was full of joy that could not be hidden. That day, the sun was shining, and our group of people took the knife and the basket and waited for the guys to come to the grandmother��s field. Wow! Tian Haoda! Unexpectedly, if you bend down and work from a distance Newport 100S, you will be drowned in the heap. I planted a lot of vegetables in the field. I don��t know the name of the dish. I saw that my wife was skilled to use the machete to cut along the roots of the cabbage. The movement was done in one go. This is clearly done in the field. In a short while, the aunt cut down. The cabbage has become a "hill." At the beginning, I didn't know where to start. I could only sit with my little girl and watched the aunt being busy. Later, I couldn't help but tickle, and rushed forward to pick up the cabbage that had been picked up. Yeah, a lot of cabbage was so overwhelmed by me! I wiped off the soil with paper and divided the cabbage a little. Sister, walking in the direction of the basket happily, I transferred the "hill" to the basket. The two little aunts are still pulling the onions. They use a knife to pull out the green onions and gently pat the roots on the side. Floating soil, it looks so interesting! I also want to try picking vegetables, but I am afraid that the adults do not agree. So, I picked up my toes and crept gently Wholesale Cigarettes, squatting down, learning the aunt's appearance, picking a big, strong onion, two The hand clenched the roots of the onion, and the foot was stalked in front and behind Cheap Cigarettes, and the foot was lifted, and the hands were forced back. It was successful! A green onion was pulled out by me! I am also able to pick vegetables. I will continue to pick and choose. There are not many large and strong onions. I only picked 8 trees. The green onion is enough, we sit on the field and sit on the ground. By the way, the soil on the onion is photographed. I choose the yellow leaf and hand it to the aunt. The woman cuts the root with a knife, and a clean green onion. It is neatly presented in front of our eyes. We were near to a small stream on the edge that was shallower than my heel Carton Of Cigarettes. I washed the dirt on my hands over and over again, taking advantage of the fruits of our labor, and it was fun to go home and pick up the dishes with a smile! I have experienced the hard work of the farmer's uncle, and I have also deeply realized the meaning of the poem "When Wohe is in the afternoon Cigarettes For Sale, sweat dripping down the soil"! I must cherish the time and study hard!
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