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luckhoney Jan 9

Mobile crusher is the guarantee of effective disposal of urban construction waste. High-efficiency mobile crusher plays an important role in urban transformation. In view of the practical application of these crushers in the company, the principle and characteristics of the mobile crusher are analyzed, as well as the transformation effect of the mobile crusher in the crushing process in the concentrator.

The perfect combination of high performance crushing chamber and high crushing frequency greatly improves the processing capacity of the new mobile crusher. Because of the lamination crushing principle, the crushing products of the mobile crusher are mostly cubic structure, which greatly reduces the needle-like materials. The new mobile crusher has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, convenient and quick adjustment of discharge and discharge ports, time-saving and labor-saving in overhaul, especially the lining plate is easy to be replaced quickly and the downtime is reduced.

High-efficiency mobile crusher plays an important role in urban transformation. Despite the problems of sprinkling and dumping in construction waste transportation, the law enforcement departments of city appearance and sanitation have adopted many mandatory law enforcement means and measures, such as increasing the treatment efficiency of mobile crusher, but because the generation, transportation and disposal of construction waste is a systematic management work, currently only one of the transport links. Law enforcement management is not effective.