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ylq Jan 6
After school in the evening, I checked the hygiene, locked the door and was going home. Suddenly, a row of tables and chairs by the window came a voice. Out of curiosity, I listened carefully.e table said: "Chair younger brother, we finally got off work, stretched out!"ah, Big Brother, it��s tired today, hehe..." said the chair.t's the matter, chair younger brother?" master Li Xiaoming, sitting and twisting me, like riding a wooden horse, I kept pushing me forward and backing back. I don't know how, I kicked me after the third class in the morning." Down, I also put my left foot on my lap and shouted! - "The chair brother said wrongly."ah, I am even worse today: he painted my face into a big cat with watercolors, and used a ballpoint pen tip to force me up!" The big brother touched his red and swollen face with his hand Carton Sale On Newports.s time, a pair of tables and chairs next to it said: "Our little master Wang Limei is good to us, she is lovely to protect us!", yeah! She scrubs the body every day as soon as she arrives in the classroom Newport Red 100 Online. I always take it lightly, we can be happy!"ig brother on the table listened: "I really envy you Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa, if Li Xiaoming is like your little master!", I have been repaired three times by the carpenter master." The chair brother said angrily. "If you go on like this, I have to go to the recycling station, oh-oh-this time, other tables and chairs are screaming, you said a word in my words.istening to the table and chair, I opened the classroom door again, strode up to the podium, picked up the chalk, and wrote a few dazzling characters on the blackboard: "Love the table and chairs, protect the public property! In a dense forest In the fox family, their children are called "Snow White", beautiful and kind. But his parents have done bad things. The other animals in the forest are not with them. The small animals often play together, they see it. "Snow White" approached, and immediately ran away, hiding around. "Snow White" was very sad, and often sneaked into tearsthis day, "Snow White" decided to leave his parents, go to another place to live and make friends.eather is fine and the flowers are fragrant. "Snow White" also had a good mood. She walked lightly into the depths of the forest. Suddenly, a little white rabbit sat next to a lush tree. She happily went to say hello: "Hello, white rabbit sister, what are you doing?"ittle white rabbit looked up and saw a fox, and shouted: "Help! The fox is coming!" The leg ran away.w White" was extremely disappointed and depressed. But she thought: I don't give up, as long as I persist, I will be betterthen Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store, "Snow White" no longer eats meat, and when it is hungry, it uses wild fruits to eat. I usually take part in labor and often secretly help small animals to do, "Snow White" packed up the room for the little deer. Just left, the deer went home. "Snow White" didn't want people to know about it, he left the back returned home, and "Snow White" had already run without a trace Newport Short Cigareetes. The deer found that his home was clean and spotless, and he was very surprised. He thought that the thief had been there, but he had not lost anything. The deer looked carefully and found a mane in the back door. When he felt a little strange, he gave the mane to his mother. Mother looked at it a bit, her eyes lit up, and said with surprise: "This is the hair of the little fox!"ed to her mother's words, she patted her head and understood. Since then, "Snow White" and the deer have become good friends, and have made friends with many small animals!