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luckhoney Dec 27 '18

Most of them know that river pebbles are pure natural stone, which are transformed into engineering materials by mechanical equipment crushing, sand making and sieving. The sand making machine and stone crusher commonly used in the process of river pebble processing, especially the sand making machine, can make sand for river pebble shaping, make the finished aggregate good grain shape, and is widely used in roads, buildings and concrete bones. Materials, water conservancy and hydropower and other fields.

Therefore, for customers, how to choose a cost-effective river pebble sand making machine is very important, how to make a good investment budget is also a very big concern. Here is a brief introduction to some river pebble sand making machine selection considerations to help more customers buy a reasonable sand making machine.

1. Equipment model, there are many kinds of sand making machines on the market, and there are many models. Therefore, the material carrying capacity and processing capacity are different, so the price is also uneven. The customer should choose reasonable sand making according to their actual situation. machine.

2. the production demand, the actual generation of customers need to choose the same size sand machine according to their own demand.

3. equipment quality, the quality of the river pebble sand machine not only affects the production schedule, but also causes the equipment to have a short service life, so the quality of the sand making machine has a low maintenance frequency, which can save maintenance costs and reduce capital investment.