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luckhoney Nov 22 '18

The utilization rate of river pebble sand making machine is very high in the market. How to maintain and repair River pebble sand machine is summarized briefly for you as follows, hoping to help needy customers.

1. because the structure design of the cobble sand making machine is simple, the latter maintenance is relatively convenient. It is suggested that workers clean up the particulate matter left behind in the crushing chamber of the sand making machine in time after the shutdown of the sand making operation, so as to prevent the blockage of the outlet of the crushing chamber caused by the gradual increase of the residue over a long period of time.

2. River pebble sandmaker adopts the breaking principle of "stone breaking". Although it can reduce the impact of material on the breaking chamber wall, it does not mean that the inside of the breaking chamber need not be checked. Check regularly whether the crushing chamber is deformed or not. If there is a different situation from that before leaving the factory, please contact the technicians to solve it in time.

3. Due to the continuous operation of river pebble sand-making machine and the loosening of each part due to vibration, it is necessary for us to inspect and repair regularly. It is not allowed to be laissez-faire for a long time, and the machine with the best quality also needs later maintenance in order to work better.