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luckhoney Nov 20 '18

Social development is faster and faster, and environmental pollution is more and more serious. Only by protecting the environment can economic construction be sustained and effective. Now we regard green economy as the arrival of the new century and "green" as the competitiveness of enterprises. As an important part of the mining industry, sand making machine is bound to think about how to achieve energy saving, consumption reduction and green environmental protection. This is not only a problem to be solved by the majority of mining enterprises, but also an industry subject to be considered, studied and solved by the scientific research and workers of sand-making machines.

Sand making machine can make sand in construction treatment, and the construction waste can be processed to form a renewable use of resources, providing high-quality sand and stone aggregate for my infrastructure projects. The aggregate produced by sand machine equipment for construction waste has high strength, hardness, wear resistance, impact toughness, freeze resistance, water resistance, etc. High strength and good stability. It can produce crushed stone, crushed lime soil, lime-fly ash stabilized crushed stone, cement stabilized crushed stone for municipal engineering road base and groove backfilling materials, instead of a part of natural stone. If the soil stabilizer is added, a small amount of quicklime and cement can be saved.

The equipment of sand making machine can be used for comprehensive disposal of construction waste. The recycling of resources can be achieved by treating construction waste and producing sand and gravel again. In the future development, our production of sand making machine equipment will be applied to a wider range of industries. Let our sanding machine equipment reach our present real level, let our sanding machine equipment really contribute to enterprises and users, only in this way can we complete our mission of sanding machine equipment. At the same time, we will continue to innovate in technology and make sand making machines better.